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Electrical Controls

Push Buttons & Pilot Devices


Omron Pushbuttons and Pilot Devices Omron offers 16 & 22mm easy-to-install illuminated and non-illuminated switches with momentary and alternate action types.


Sprecher + Schuh Push Buttons and Pilot Devices Sprecher + Schuh's rugged D5 pilot devices offer maximum flexibility and a wide choice for all applications. This 22mm line is aesthetically appealing and modularly designed to make assembly and interchangeability easy. Many D5 operators are available in three different body styles to meet every application need.


Adalet Push Buttons and Pilot Devices Adalet manufactures a full line of explosion proof push buttons and pilot devices.


Altech Pilot Devices Altech's new 22 and 30 mm Metallic Push Buttons, Selector Switches and LED Pilot Lights offer exceptional reliability and flexibility.